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Experienced Business Litigation Attorney Resolves Complex Disputes

Sweeney’s firm is a diverse litigation practice. One constant through the years has been Sweeney’s work in business and commercial litigation. During the first eight years of his litigation career, with a large Cleveland law firm, Sweeney worked almost exclusively in the area of commercial litigation. He has continued in that area of practice since forming his own firm in 1996.

Sweeney’s firm has extensive experience in all aspects of business and commercial litigation, in federal and state courts, at all phases of litigation: pre-lawsuit negotiations, temporary and preliminary injunctions, summary judgment proceedings, jury trials, bench trials, post-judgment litigation, and appeals.

The firm has represented numerous major corporations in commercial litigation, as well as smaller businesses and individuals. The firm has worked on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants. Sweeney has litigated matters in many different federal and state courts, including federal and/or state courts in Ohio, Illinois, New York, North Carolina, and Florida.

During Sweeney’s nearly thirty years of litigation practice, he has been involved in virtually every type of commercial and/or business litigation matter, including breach of contract cases, property rights disputes, environmental litigation, employment disputes, discrimination claims, shareholder disputes, partnership/joint venture disputes, royalty disputes, products liability disputes, business torts, civil RICO claims, and breach of fiduciary duty allegations.

Many litigation matters these days are ultimately resolved by negotiated resolutions. But, when that does not or cannot happen, the firm has the skill and experience to take the case to trial and zealously present the client’s case to the jury or judge.

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